Fit Brain Fun is dedicated to helping kids gain strength and confidence in learning – helping them discover that the brain is a muscle that can be strengthened just like any other muscle. Building those muscles can be, and will be, a lot of fun!

We at Fit Brain Fun are excited to offer fun, exciting camps filled with opportunities for learning and movement for kids from preschool through 5th grade!

We are offering a schedule of camps over a five week period starting the week of June 19th, ending the week of August 1st. Campers will experience a variety of outstanding, high-quality camps where they will have FUN rising to the challenge of flexing the muscles of their brains.

If you have questions about the camps offered, registration or cancellation, please contact:

Marilee Haynes
(704) 450-0229

Fit Brain Fun provides kids with a variety of opportunities to be “coached.”

Some kids simply require extra support to complete their work and feel confident and strong in the skills they are gaining and the material they are mastering. These kids work one-on-one or in small groups with a trained Homework Coach.

Other kids require a higher level of support. To meet the needs of these students, Fit Brain Fun provides highly trained Reading and Math Coaches. Fit Brain Fun Reading Coaches have been trained in the research-based, long-proven Orton Gillingham method of multi-sensory phonics instruction.

Younger kids can enjoy working to strengthen their learning muscles as well. Fit Brain Fun provides kindergarten readiness classes that incorporate fun and movement while gaining pre-literacy, literacy, language and math skills necessary to feel confident from the first day of kindergarten.

In addition to the structured learning and coaching programs described above, a variety of learning enrichment activities are available that exercise and strengthen the entire brain.

The goal and mission of Fit Brain Fun is to make learning and improving specific academic skills FUN! We will incorporate movement – acknowledging that many, many kids work better and retain more information when they are able to move around. A lot of sports-related language will be used with the kids. The majority of them will be familiar with playing a sport. They will know that in order to make more baskets, score more goals, run faster or jump higher, they need to practice. That hard word leads to better results. Strengthening the muscles of the legs, arms, shoulders and core make for a stronger athlete. Through working with Fit Brain Fun’s Learning Coaches, they will learn that consistently working the muscles of the brain related to reading, math, writing and art make for a stronger and more confident learner.

Most of all, Fit Brain Fun kids will learn that there is more to being smart than just being good at reading and math. They will learn that smart is:

Working hard

Trying again

Knowing what it means to be a good friend

Listening more than talking

Creating something all your own

Believing you can

For questions and requests for additional information, please contact:

Marilee Haynes
(704) 450-0229